Yellow Tape Engineering


Below are 10 safety rules we put in place in all our construction sites to protect our staff.

Always Wear PPE

PPE is your last line of defence against danger. It protects you if something goes wrong and helps detect you easily. Wear it.

Get Your Induction

Make sure you know what is happening on site so you can work safely. Your induction is important dont start without one.

Be Tidy

Construction work is mess. Keep your work area clean to prevent trips, slips and prevent fire hazards. All access areas should be cleared.

Act Safe

Construction sites are a dangerous place to work so bearing that in mind act safe & think safe.

Follow Signs

Follow signs and producers. Check risk assessment and systems of work. control measures are put in place for safety.

Do Not Enter

Never work in unsafe areas. Dont work at heights without suitable fall prevention. Do not enter unsupported trenches.

Use The Right Equipment

Use the right equipment for the task. Check and test for defects before use.


If any problem is noticed dont ignore it report it to your nearest supervisor.

Do Not Tamper

Never remove gaurd rails or scaffold ties. Do not attempt to fix bad equipment unless told or competent enough to do so.

If In Doubt Ask

Better safe than sorry. Mistakes on construction sites can cost lives. Dont let it be yours!